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12th Annual Primary Care Spring Conference Sessions I & II

Date: 26-Mar-18 to 30-Mar-18
Location: United States
Continuing Education Company has been organizing its Primary Care Conference Series for the past 25 years. The 12th Annual Primary Care Spring Conference is designed to update primary care clinicians in rapidly changing therapeutic areas. The emphasis is on practical and useful information for clinical practice. Join us this March and April when we hold the 12th Annual Primary Care Spring Conference. This conference will be repeated in two sessions for convenience in scheduling. Sessions I and II will be held at the recently renovated Hammock Beach Resort in Palm Coast, Florida. Located near St. Augustine, this premier Florida beach destination features luxury villa and condominium accommodations overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, a 91,000 square-foot multi-level water park with lazy river, ...

28th Annual Art & Science of Health Promotion Conference

Date: 26-Mar-18 to 30-Mar-18
Location: San Diego / United States
Bringing together health promotion professionals from across disciplines & settings to share best practices in health promotion. The 28th Annual Art and Science of Health Promotion Conference brings together professionals with a passion for health promotion — individuals who represent the most successful programs in workplace, clinical, educational and community settings. The three-day core conference (March 28-30, 2018) will feature three inspiring and thought-provoking keynote addresses plus: • Concurrent sessions by top scientists and practitioners • Research Reports, Program Descriptions and Panel Discussions presenting the latest research and best practices • Networking opportunities to connect with others at the conference and beyond • Fitness activities for a ...

2nd Product Complaints Forum

Date: 26-Mar-18 to 27-Mar-18
ExL Events’ 2nd Product Complaints Forum will provide insight into how to improve the management of product complaints and potential recalls. This program will feature case studies, panel sessions, and two tracks designed to deliver information for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device professionals involved in all stages of handling product complaints and potential recalls. Top Five Reasons to Attend 1. Understand how to properly prepare for an FDA inspection 2. Discuss and differentiate best practices in both medical device and pharmaceutical complaints 3. Navigate the intricacies of the product complaint and recall regulatory landscape 4. Improve your complaint and recall management to ensure safety in your products 5. Review Combination Products, the impact of FDA ...

7th Drug Formulation, Solubility & Bioavailability

Date: 26-Mar-18 to 28-Mar-18
Location: Boston / United States
When over 80% of APIs in development are poorly water-soluble, drug companies must rely increasingly on new formulation and delivery strategies to maximize bioavailability. ExL’s 7th Drug Formulation, Solubility & Bioavailability conference helps you recognize the precise thresholds where an enabled formulation becomes necessary, as well as determine which method to use and how to predict and gauge its success. This event provides you with an unmatched focus on the latest technologies and team skills that you need to gather and interpret first-in-human results and accelerate time-to-market. Top Five Reasons to Attend 1. Breakthroughs in oral biologics delivery 2. Deeper understanding of self-association to enhance formulation performance 3. Strategies to design, interpret and ...

C926 - Pharmacovigilance Audit & Inspection Conference

Date: 26-Mar-18 to 27-Mar-18
Location: United States
- Pharmacovigilance/Drug safety (QPPV) - Regulatory Affairs - Quality and Compliance - Medical Information - Risk Management - Compliance - Pharmacovigilance Auditors - Management Staff Responsible for Running Inspections - Employees (directly and indirectly) Involved in Inspections - Drug/Product Safety - Drug Development - Information and Clinical Data Management - Clinical Pharmacology - Clinical Safety - Research & Development - Quality Assurance - Patient Safety - Signal Detection - Safety Surveillance - Outcome Research - Data Analysis - Epidemiology - Medical Affairs - Regulatory Affairs and Compliance - Information technology

Wellbeing - Want to Start Up a Business in 2018 - Ideas for Green Thinkers

Date: 26-Mar-18 to 26-Mar-18
Location: United Kingdom
Steps to increase Wellbeing - Want to Start Up a Business in 2018? - Ideas for Green thinkers This exciting event in Hove is the place to be for all of you wanting to get off to a flying start with RINGANA in the UK. Spend an hour with us - RINGANA - Winner of the 2017 European Business Award - (Chairman's Award) - and learn how & why we are growing annually at over 40-50% and how you can join our successful Green Business and build a potentially properous future. A unique opportunity with an award winning company - with integrity.This is what you can look forward to -  You will learn more about RINGANA’s unique philosophy of absolute freshness, important information on opportunities .....and possibilities for success as a Ringana UK Fresh Partner. We'll provide you with an ...

3rd Annual Innate Killer Summit

Date: 27-Mar-18 to 29-Mar-18
Location: United States
As the cell immunotherapy field continues to explode beyond the well-hyped CAR-Ts, the Innate Killer Summit 2018 gathers the leading scientific and business experts from all the key stakeholders to identify future approaches to deliver commercially viable off-the-shelf therapies. By harnessing the unique power of the innate immune system, seize the enhanced drug development opportunity of NK cell immunotherapies. Capitalize on a more robust allogeneic development approach that overcomes common safety concerns experienced by other cell therapies. The 3rd Innate Killer Summit offers the platform for experts and leaders in the Innate Killer Community to come together, network and create collaborative partnerships. Learn from case studies on: - Increasing Persistency and Specificity with ...

Genito – Urinary Tract Tumors

Date: 31-Mar-18 to 01-Jun-18
Location: Firenze / Italy
MAIN TOPICS: Focus on emerging topics in kidney, urinary tract and uterus ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: Maria Rosaria Raspollini Antonio Lopez Beltran

Immune Profiling World Congress Washington

Date: 03-Apr-18 to 05-Apr-18
Location: United States
The Immune Profiling World Congress brings together experts to discuss how profiling of the immune system using high throughput technologies can aid therapeutic design and treatment strategies in infectious and non-infectious diseases including cancer.